About us

In January 2014 we have created a regional HR boutique providing recruitment & consulting services in Central Eastern Europe. After a few years of successful delivery in the area of Sales & Marketing, Engineering and BPO/SSC in February 2019 we became part of L.M. International Group. Since then we provide a wider range of services including services for the retail sector like a mystery shopper, inventory management or trading e-commerce platform. In the HR field, we are proud to call ourselves experts in recruitment for the BPO/SSC sector. On top of that, we provide our own assessment and development apps, virtual interview apps and recommendation apps. Currently, we are expanding our business in Poland by exploring Mergers and Acquisitions opportunities with other HR companies.

We are proudly in close relations with international companies which are entering EU markets as well as Polish organizations that are looking for a business opportunity in other countries.​

What makes us different:

  • Latest Technology

  • In-house apps

  • Expert attitude

  • Long-term approach

  • Credibility

  • Flexibility to clients’ needs

  • Complementary services

  • Global support by our International Partner

The people behind CEE Experts:

Maciej Skorski



Paulina Suska



​Natalia Hakenberg

Product Manager EU


Kasia Czaplicka

BPO/SSC Team Manager


Rafi Elimelech