Jeden z naszych serwisów świadczonych w wielu krajach:

  • Doradztwo inwestycyjne

  • Wejście na nowy rynek

  • Audyty sprzedażowe

  • Audyty HR

  • Warsztaty komunikacyjne

  • Treningi sprzedażowe

  • Interim Management

Nasze usługi konsultingowe mogą świadczone w wielu językach, w tym po polsku, angielsku,
hebrajsku, rosyjsku, niemiecku.

Jeśli jesteś zainteresowany usługami konsultingowymi wypełnij formularz a my oddzwonimy do Ciebie.

Zadowoleni z naszych usług

Marta, Director HR

CEE & Russia, Real Estate

With CEE Experts I have already realized three projects in different markets and I would like to continue the cooperation in the future. Why? They have extensive and up-to-date knowledge of labor markets in the CEE region. You can identify the needs of the customer well before starting the project, so that the candidates always agree with the requirement profile. They work inconspicuously, which is particularly important in top management positions. They are flexible and efficient even in difficult markets. Equally important is that they perform the candidates very professionally through the hiring process, which helps our company build a positive image as an employer.

Tools and services for business customers


Analyzer is an online engine that automates the process matching and sorting job candidates to your organization. It turns the process into research-proven science. 

Smart Diagnostic Tool for Candidates


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  1. Mystery shopper Services

  2. Surveys

  3. Analysis Of Results

  4. Training And coaching

Check and improve results

Mystery Shopper

IT Consulting
  1. Investment advisory


  3. Sales audits

  4. HR audits

  5. Communication workshops \ More

We will help you improve your results


  1. Search & Selection

  2. Direct Search

  3. Executive Search

The right person in the right place

HR Services

Numbers Game

Our stock counting project can be done anywhere in the world With all kinds of goods 

How much inventory do you have?

Inventory Counting

Confident Businessman
  1. Workers from Poland to Europe

  2. Workers from Europe to Poland

  3. Workers from Europe to the USA

  4. Africa, the Middle East and more

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